2021 Smoking and Grilling Gift Ideas Under $100

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The holidays are rolling around and we have compiled some 2021 smoking and grilling gift ideas under $100 for our readers. If the gift receiver is new to smoking and grilling or looking for some gifts to buy the smoking and grilling fanatic in the house, who has been at it for years, here are some ideas for you.

There is one thing that is universal to smoking and grilling regardless of what you smoker or grill you use. If you are looking for some smoking and grilling gift ideas that are sure to be used go no further, take a look at your spices and rubs. Here are a couple of options you may want to consider. Savory Spice Shop offers a variety of rubs and spices that you can use. They are not your typical off the shelf spices and rubs you find at a store. If you are looking for a variety they have gift sets as well. Any order over $59 qualifies for free shipping too. If you are using the grill or smoker often enough, they even have subscription plans so you never run out!

If you are looking for another option for rubs and spices take a look at what BBQ Guys has to offer. They have some great sets available that would be perfect for the new or experienced smoker/griller in the house!

Pizza is all the rage these days. The Ooni Pizza Oven’s took it to a different level but you don’t need those to make a good pizza on the smoker or grill. But if you are not going to use a dedicated pizza oven you do need the accessories to do it on the smoker or grill. The Cuisinart Alfrescamore Pizza Grilling Pack gets you what you need to start making pizza outside! Cuisinart is a well recognized brand name that offers high quality products and this set is no different.

Looking for a new thermometer that will not break the bank but is yet of high quality. Take a look at ThermoPro, these have treated me well over the years. I have the TP20, TP829 and TP03. Customer Service with ThermoPro is great, quick and willing to help in a variety of ways. You can spend easily $100+ on food thermometers but why when you can get a quality brand like ThermoPro for half the price. Use code thermoproteam and get 10% your purchase!

Looking for a quasi-stocking stuffer gift? Maybe an upgrade is needed or this is your first pair but these gloves are great for the smoker or grill. I own a pair and I am two years in and you can hardly see the use on them. I would say they get used on average 2-3 times a week. I even use them sometimes in the house when I am not even smoking or grilling and just pulling something out of the oven. Bang for buck I would say these are one of the best gloves you can get out there.

Got a diehard in the family who wants to take the grill on vacation or tailgates on a regular basis? The Weber Jumbo Joe 18″ is perfect for that. It has the Weber name and quality and if you are searching for that quality smoker or grilling gift idea under $100 this is a great option. No doubt the one on the receiving end of this will be thrilled to open it.

Maybe you already have a grill and the griller in the house wants to try their hand at smoking, a smoke box is a great way to start. You can still use the grill for some offset smoking, get the smoke flavor you desire and not break the bank. It works for the experienced smoker as well who does not want to crank up the full smoker but wants to get some smoke on the meat that day. This is a high quality stainless steel box at an affordable price.

Looking for a gift set that covers a few different options, take a look at this Weber set. It has a vegetable basket (which if you check out my meatloaf recipe, doubles as a meatloaf smoking dish), a chicken/poultry roaster, if you want to do a whole chicken and then a basting brush, which can be used for those ribs, poultry and whatever else you can think of. This makes for a great starter pack for someone just getting started or might just be a replacement for the items that have served their purpose.

Looking for some other smoking and grilling gift ideas under $100? Cave Tools is a great brand with plenty of accessories for your grilling and smoking needs. I have both of these items below, the magnet, my wife got when I first started smoking and it was an awesome reference that was always handy. To this day I still use it for ideas on what woods to use and just to double check the occasional temp recommendation. The other is the chicken leg hanger. This is great on the smoker or the grill. It has always delivered solid results each time I have used it.

This Cuisinart Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set is awesome! I use it all the time whether its for something on the grill or the smoker. It is sturdy and cleans up like its brand new after every use. I will usually leave it on my grill side burner to keep whatever glaze or baste in liquid for and it will stay that way for an hour at a time. I highly recommend this, its inexpensive and makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Want to up your sausage game, we have some options for you in our 2021 Smoking and Grilling Gift Ideas Under $100? Tired of the same old store brand stuff. You need to give these a shot, Charcutnuvo is a quality brand with a ton of options. You can get anything from Smoked Pork And Bison Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst, Asher Brewing Organic Tree Hugger Beer Brat to Organic Hot Links Sausage. And if you are not sure what you want to get they offer subscription boxes and gift cards up to $200. Check them out and I am sure you will find something different that you are not going to find in your average grocery store. Any order over $85 qualifies for free shipping as well!

Ok so my wife got me this last year and I feel obligated to share it. Any guy that likes to BBQ/Grill/Smoke, probably likes a good shirt to go with it. Or if you are into grilling and maybe have some of Italian heritage, like I do, this shirt may be a perfect gift.

Ok time to wrap up our 2021 Smoking and Grilling Gift Ideas Under $100. For our last one we are going to go with a Camp Chef Deluxe 6-Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven w/ 1 1/8-Quart Lid & Lid Lifter. Years ago, in our house, we started getting away from all the fancy pots and pans and started moving to cast iron. It was far more durable, resistant to anything the kids could throw at it and could be used in a variety of ways. This Dutch oven in no different. We use it indoors, outdoors on the grill and in the smoker. I have used it recently for my drip chili recipe and it worked like a charm.

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