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Ham and Cheese Omelet

Smoked Ham and Cheese Omelet

Are you tired of the same old breakfast routines? Look no further than a mouthwatering smoked ham and cheese omelet to add some excitement to your morning meal. This
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Smoked Canadian Bacon

Smoked Canadian Bacon

Making homemade smoked Canadian bacon turned out to be easier than I expected and the maple brine was amazing. If you are like me and load up on pork
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Smoked Pork Roll

Smoked Pork Roll (Taylor Ham)

Smoked pork roll, or as I like to call, Taylor Ham, is something that if you are outside New Jersey you may not be familiar with. Taylor Ham is
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smoked pancakes

Smoked Pancakes

Smoked pancakes are exactly what you need as you are prepping the smoker for that all day smoke. Maybe its Thanksgiving morning or a Saturday or Sunday during the
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