Roasted Chestnut Recipe

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I cannot imagine I am the only one that starts singing Nat King Cole’s version of “The Christmas Song” when I start thinking about a roasted chestnut recipe. If you are here, I am sure you are asking, how do you roast chestnuts? I am going to walk you through the few easy steps on how to do it but we are going to add a twist to it and do on the Weber Kettle, with some hickory smoke.

This is approximately 1lb’s of chestnuts from the local grocery store

Roasted Chestnuts Recipe

With this roasted chestnut recipe we are going to get the smoker, or in my case my Weber Kettle up to 400° and I added one chunk of hickory wood. I am sure you can make adjustments if you are roasting chestnuts on an offset or pellet smoker. I am going to do this with indirect heat on the Kettle. Not sure where to find fresh chestnuts? Most grocery stores will start to carry chestnuts during the months of November and December, as it is a bit of a seasonal item.

While your smoker is getting up to temperature, you can start prepping the chestnuts. First thing you want to do it rinse the chestnuts. You can soak them for a few minutes while rinsing but does not have to be more than 2-3 minutes. Once you are done with the rinse, you are going to want to cut a cross shape into the chestnuts. You will want to ensure you have a sharp paring knife for this, otherwise it could prove to be a difficult and frustrating task. This will allow the shell to open up as they roast. The shells on these are not soft, you are going to ensure you have a sharp knife to cut them.

You can see the cross I cut into the shell. You will feel when the knife has penetrated the shell.

How To Roast Chestnuts On An Open Fire

After you have cut the chestnuts, it is a matter of throwing them on the Kettle and letting them roast and get some smoke on them.

No need to go crazy on how you put them on, just a single layer. I did flip them so the side of the shell I cut was facing up.

Based on time you will need about 30 minutes or so. What you really want to look at is the shell and has it peeled away from the chestnut. If you see that cross you cut into the shell start to open and expose the chestnut you are good to go and they are ready to pull and start eating. What I find is that some are usually done sooner than others, so you can start picking the finished ones off the Kettle while the others are still roasting.

This is just about 30 minutes in and you can see most of the shells have started to open up.

Roasted Chestnut Recipe Wrap Up

That is all there is too it, this roasted chestnut recipe is as easy as they come! Chestnuts are great to prep in advance of a holiday party or, like I have started doing, having my father over a couple of night before Christmas and we sit outside around the Kettle eating roasted chestnuts.

Final product of the roasted chestnut recipe. Done and ready to be served!

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Roasted Chestnut Recipe

Roasted Chestnut Recipe
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


  • 1 lb of raw chestnuts


  1. You will want to get your Weber Kettle up to about 400° and will use one chunk of hickory wood
  2. Will that is getting up to temperature, start by rinsing your chestnuts. You can let them soak for a couple of minutes but not necessary
  3. Once done rinsing you will cut a slit into each chestnut in the shape of a cross
  4. When completed place the chestnuts on the Kettle and let sit for about 30 minutes. When you see the shells start to peel back you can pull the chestnuts off.
  5. Serve while hot or package up in an air tight container for later use.

Nutrition Information:

Yield: 5 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 185

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