5 Grilled Hot Dogs Recipes

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With National Hot Dog Month upon us, I wanted to pull some grilled hot dogs recipes together for you. I tried to find a few that are a little different or ones that you just may not use on a regular basis.

Whether its Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day, grilled dogs are a summer time staple. They are enjoyed by all ages and can be made a variety of different ways. We highlight recipes from chili dogs to hot dog burnt ends, so let’s run through these hot dog recipes.

Chili Dog – With Sweet Onions And Mustard by Vindulge

This is a great recipe that combines a a savory chili blend with some quality ground beef and great high quality hot dogs. It would not be a hot dog round up with a chili dog.

You can view the full recipe here

Hot Dog Burnt Ends by Kitchen Laughter

This recipe has us doing away with the hot dog bun, adds in some barbecue sauce and gives us an option for grilling and smoking. A great finger food for your football party of summer BBQ.

You can view the full recipe here

Pizza Dog by Fantabulosity

Pizza and hot dogs, its not the normal combination but we all know what the standard hot dog combos are and that is not what we were looking for here. Head on over and check this pizza dog recipe. It’s got the cheese, its got the hot dogs and its quick and easy!

You can view the full recipe here

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs by Butter Your Biscuit

If you are going to grill hot dogs, why not add some bacon to the equation. Bacon makes everything better and puts this hot dog recipe as a main dish must.

You can view the full recipe here

Smoked Hot Dogs by Chisel and Fork

I am cheating on this but as a smoking site, how could I not include a smoked hot dogs recipe. If you love cooking your food on the smoker, then this is a recipe worth trying.

You can view the full recipe here

Italian Hot Dog Recipe

As a bonus we are adding our Italian hot dog recipe. It is easy, yet an amazing combo with the potato’s, peppers, onion and Italian bread.

Italian hot Dog
You can view the full recipe here

I hope you enjoy these grilled hot dogs recipes. We looked for the best grilled hot dogs recipes we could find ranging from without hot dog buns to recipes with BBQ sauce. If you are looking for some other recipe ideas, take a look at some of these suggestions:

Thanks for being here and checking out this grilled hot dogs recipes. We always appreciate comments, 5 star recipe rating and social media shares. As always, keep that smoke rolling!

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